How AACET serves the Public

As an equine owner, we will serve you by....

  • ensuring high education and operation standards for our members
  • ensuring our members are dedicated to self development and continuing education
  • providing you with a way to voice your concerns as well as any complaints related to our members
  • providing you with information regarding Complementary Equine Therapy and the various modalities, in an effort to increase                      transparency in the industry so that you are able to make a more informed decision in regards to your equine's wellness
  • providing you accessibility to Complementary Equine Therapists from various modalities working within Alberta
  • ensuring accountability and credibility in the industry of Complementary Equine Therapy
  • partnering with the Alberta Association of Animal Owner's Rights to assist in protecting your rights to choose Complementary Equine       Therapy and your Therapy provider

How AACET serves it's Members

As a member of the Association, we will serve you by....

  • Providing you with group insurance rates
  • Providing you with the opportunity to network and collaborate with other practitioners, both with members of your own and other             modalities
  • Facilitating communication of practitioners throughout the Alberta Equine Therapy Industry 
  • Providing you with an Association based on integrity, credibility, and unity which will help to protect your livelihood 
  •  Strengthening our industry by providing governance and much needed industry standards that are modality specific
  • Providing you with an opportunity to work hand in hand with other Therapy providers to shape the future of the Complementary               Equine Therapy industry within Alberta
  • Provide you with support and encouragement
  • Advertising your Therapy services on our website
  • Increasing the accessibility to equine related educational programs and events such as courses, clinics, conferences, seminars, and                   workshops
  • Providing you with access to all AACET events
  • Updating you on news and issues that directly affect Complementary Equine Therapy within Alberta