Our Mission


Alberta Association of Complementary Equine Therapy



  • Provide a professional, self governing association with modality specific Standards and Guidelines for Complementary Equine Therapists working in Alberta

  • Increase and promote credibility, responsibility and transparency in the Complementary Equine Therapy industry in Alberta


  • Provide a Disciplinary and Complaints Resolution Process as well as a Governing Board for the Complementary Equine Therapy Industry in Alberta


  • Provide a platform for communication and networking for and between all Complementary Equine Therapists working in Alberta


  • Encourage and support member advancement, self development and education


  • Provide insurance to our members


  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between Complementary Equine Therapists and Veterinarians working within Alberta


  • Work in conjunction with the Alberta Association of Animal Owner’s Rights in an effort to provide information and education to the public in regards to Complementary Equine Therapy in Alberta

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